Narada does most of his recording in his cozy home studio, Supervolcanoes Studio, in northeast Ohio. His equipment list includes:

  • Computer: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Macbook Pro, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. UAD Powered Plug-ins, UA eqs, compressors and effects, Altiverb reverb, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
  • Microphones: Mojave MA-200, Audiotechnica AT4050/CM5, Senheiser E609, Audiotechnica AT3528, Shure SM-58 (3), Sennheiser E835, Behringer B-2 Pro, Audiotechnica AT812 (2)
  • Mic Pres and Converters: Universal Audio Twinfinity 710, 8-Channel Presonus Studiofire
  • Interfaces: Universal Audio Apollo with thunderbolt
  • Recording Software: Logic Pro X
  • Monitors: Mackie HR824’s and M-audio Studio Pro 3
  • Keyboards: Alesis Q25, Roland 88-key (weighted) FP-3, and a 440-tuned harmoniums - Bina and DMS.
  • Drums and Percussion: Roland V-Drums Stage Set with TD-8 sound module, DW and Gretsch acoustic drum sets, many cymbals, bongos, extensive collection of auxilliary percussion, doumbek, several size djembes, cajon.

His studio credits include a self-released devotional CD called Supervolcanoes, producer of recordings by Brenda McMorrow (Hanuman Chalisa Windblown Version), co-producing with Girish, recording and production work with Ben Leinbach, and a backlog of artist offerings coming soon.