December 2013

Ganapati and a Revelation

Full day of music yesterday. Spent the morning setting up our typical "live" setup in the living room for a 3PM rehearsal and sharing a hearty stew with Doug, George, Beth, and Kedric. Such wonderful people. Beth stayed after and we mixed down a version of Ganapati that she seemed pretty happy with. The guitar work by Elden Campbell and Dan Shramo has been a revelation.


What I Want

I want to awaken because I want to stop resisting life. Adya said another way to define the ego is "resistance," so I guess I want to lose the ego - the judgements and desires. I suppose it's encouraging that it feels funny to say I want something, or I believe in something.


Every experience is a part of me, forever. It doesn't end. Likewise, "external" relationships don't begin, they're just recognized.