Hope and Grace - an email to Marcia

Jul 6, 2016

Hi Marcia - Reading and sipping my latte on the back porch this morning was so lovely.  I'm still reading China Galland's "Bond Between Women" and here's a confession: I don't specifically recall our conversation that inspired you to lend this book to me.  My thought when you handed it to me was I... Read more.

I Get It...I Think

Jan 28, 2014

“Don’t sit in the knowing.”  The advice that has been echoing.  “Sit in inquiry.”  Inquiry is pretty powerful if you let it dig in.  It's mind yoga, it limbers it up and stretches it all about.  I recall considering the possibility that everything I know or think I know might be WRONG... Read more.

What I'm not willing to do

Jan 20, 2014

Having come to the decision that freedom is what I value most, the next step according to Adyashanti is adopt unconditional follow-through.  “Life unfolds along the lines of what you value most.”  That instruction is what sealed the deal on “freedom” being my core value.  It’s a big concept and... Read more.


Jan 18, 2014

My ears ring pretty much all the time but I notice it most in the meditation room. The ringing seems to feed off the harmonics of the chime and the gas fireplace. There is a sweetness to the ring. I think it came from making music with friends (mostly from a 22" china boy low cymbal) and is most... Read more.

The Ego

Jan 17, 2014

The ego is like that guy my dad told me about at the nursing home. He would sit in a pubic area and emphatically repeat the announcements over the public address system. "Dr. Smith to room 53!" "Dinner will be steamed carrots!" I think that's what our ego does, and it's increasingly noticeable... Read more.


Jan 16, 2014

Adyashanti’s Five Foundations (from “The Way of Liberation”):
1. Clarify your aspiration - “what do you value most in life?”
2. Unconditional follow-through - “what are you willing to do or let go of doing?”
3. Never abdicate your authority - “take full responsibility for your... Read more.

The Bookends

Jan 15, 2014

The bookends - "last thing" before sleep and "first thing" in the morning. That's the territory I call the "mind field" : ) It's no surprise I didn't feel as rested this morning after 8 hours of sleep. Last thing before sleep last night was the totally gruesome hulu show "The Black List" - lies... Read more.

Made it to 2

Jan 14, 2014

Closing my eyes I invite all thoughts, come on out, express yourself, what do you have to say? A collage of sounds and images come up, parading though, up, and out of my mind. After a couple of breath cycles of this, I reopen my eyes and focus on the flame. I begin counting breaths until a clear... Read more.

Late Night Coffee and Desire

Jan 13, 2014

Had coffee after dark last evening, maybe 6:30PM, and was up until 3AM. Maybe it was was the coffee but 8-1/2 hours later?! I responded to Sonia's email inquiry about "freedom from doubt, desire and judgement". I clarified that my intent wasn't for the complete cessation of doubts, desires, and... Read more.

Candle Watching

Jan 12, 2014

Watching the flame & counting breaths. If a complete thought crystalizes, start over at 1. Partial thoughts like sounds or brief images are OK for now. Eventually I hope that even those thought 'seeds' go away. I made it up to 3 this morning after 10 minutes of this.

Oh yeah, school... Read more.