What People Are Saying

I'm completely hooked on this fabulous CD. Narada Wise has such a beautiful sense of melody, he's an incredible drummer, has sublime vocals and an amazing sense of which musicians to bring together to create a magnificent tapestry of sound DELIGHT!!!

Brenda McMorrow

Sing with this music, do your asana practice to it, and when all hell breaks loose, put it on. I have done all three and the beautiful vocals and stunning arrangements have uplifted me every time. In fact, I thought I had listened to it for just an hour and I looked at the clock and could not believe two hours had gone by! It's sweet, it's got soul and it can really groove. I especially dig the brilliant 11/4 bluegrass Shiva chant. Thank you, Narada, for sharing your heart and your gifts with us!

Beth Gatchell

I am thrilled for Narada Wise and the rich quality of diverse sounds in all of the selections. I let the cd player repeat for hours and still feel the same excitement with each track as it comes on. It's fun to have this uplifting music keep playing in my whole being throughout the day.

Barbara Lord

I've known Narada for a long time, and he's accompanied me many times with skill and grace as a gifted and sensitive percussionist. So, until I listened to Supervolcanoes, I had no idea of the additional musical gifts that Narada possessed. It was a revelation to hear these gifts expressed on Supervolcanoes, a magical and gorgeous musical and mantric offering! Narada, having a keen sense of both song and arrangement, has brought each composition to life in the perfect way. You can sense the depth of his musical experience and acute artistic sensibilities in the diverse and rich tapestry of textures that he weaves throughout the recording. Narada's percussive trademark gives the music a great sense of groove, and drives the beautiful melodies with a dynamism that keeps the music flowing and interesting throughout the many moods each piece explores. Narada and his amazing supporting cast have offered up a masterful and moving collection of songs and chants that speak directly to the heart in a unique, fresh and uplifting way!

David Newman (Durga Das)

Narada Wise's cd "Supervolcanoes" is very cool. It keeps the listener engaged through some crafty use of harmony and delightful moments of surprise.

Ben Leinbach

I was happy to hear the final culmination of Narada's work on Supervolcanoes. The CD is simultaneously exhilarating and soothing. A definite worthwhile purchase!


When Narada leads kirtan, his kind and loving heart shines through the music to inspire us all. And we are invited into that precious heart-space with him. He has attracted first-rate musicians to be in his band and their joy at playing together is also infectious. I always look forward to chanting with Narada and the Third Eye Candy Band!

Marcia Miller, Owner, Yoga On High, Columbus, Ohio

Just finished listening to Inevitable. My heart soars! Humble gratitude for your inspiration and talent.

‎Lisa Fellhauer